Possibility Management

"Possibility Management is upgraded thoughtware for catalyzing change in the physical, intellectual, emotional or energetic obstacles blocking you and your team from using non-obvious possibilities.

It works by converting inner barriers into fertilizer, doorways, rocket ships, or avoidable mud puddles along your path of evolution."

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In this page you can find the Joana Cruz and Marco de Abreu offer's in Possibility Management:

  • Work-talks (online)

  • Possibility Coaching (online or face-to-face)

  • Possibility Consultancy (organizations, teams, projects)

  • Rage Club (online): Mar.2022

  • Fear Club (online): Jun.2022

  • Sadness Club (Online): Sep.2022

  • Joy Club (online): Dec.2022

  • UnMix Feelings Club (online): Feb.2022

  • Gremlin Club (online): TBA

  • Expand the Box (4 days, presential): Mai.2022

  • Expand the Box Extended Edition (presential): from MAR.2022 to JUN.2022

  • Build-Up Your Matrix (presential): from SEPT.2022 to JAN.2023


> Work-Talk
Open Doors to Possibility Management

Nestas Work-Talks exploramos diferentes distinções e formas de pensar sobre assuntos comuns a todos, como por exemplo Comunicação, Aprendizagem, Relações, Sentimentos e Responsabilidade.

Vamos dar novas possibilidades para olhares para as questões de forma diferente e entrares em novos territórios. Nós não interagimos com o mundo, interagimos com os mapas que temos sobre o mundo. Se os teus mapas estão desatualizados provavelmente estás a navegar num território já conhecido, com poucas possibilidades.

Estas Work-Talks são um convite a entrares no mundo das possibilidades porque algo completamente diferente é possível agora mesmo. Cada sessão é única e normalmente tem um duração de 2h.


Joana Cruz | Marco de Abreu


  • TBA


> Possibility Coaching
By appointment, duration from 1.5h to 2.0h, Online or Face-to-face.

Possibility Coaching are space of Possibility. Here you can ask more possibilities for your personal and collective life. It is a non linear space. You can ask for Emotional Healing Processes and go for the next questions so you continue in the path of evolution. It is a co-created alive space that brings clarity and distinction to your life. Contact one of us if you want to book a session. You can book for yourself, for your relationship, for your work team. Possibilities are endless.

Conscious contribution per session between € 110 to € 220 (reference: € 165).

Some themes: Coaching, Emotional Healing Processes, Intimacy Negotiation, Conflict Management, Difficult Conversations. For Individual persons, Young people, Couples, Friends, Partners, Teams and Groups.

For more information or schedule a session, please contact Joana Cruz or Marco de Abreu.


> Rage Club

Next edition: 1 // 8 // 15 // 22 June, 2022 * 13h - 15h30 * Online

Last edition: 4 // 11 // 18 // 25 NOV, 2021 * 13h - 15h30 * Online (integrated in BUYM)

Last Edition: 25 Apr // 5 // 12 Mai, 2021 * 12h30 - 14h30 * Online (integrated in ETB-EE.2021)
Last Edition: 25 Mar // 1 // 8 // 15 Apr, 2021 * 13h - 15h30 * Online

Rage Club is a clear and fun place to transform your irritation, dissapointment, ressentment and discouragement into your own decisive power bringing clarity, where once was exasperation:

  • If you are still living with all the social restrictions, locked at home and you wish to feel more energetic and alive

  • For breaking through tiredness and depression

  • Start your mission

  • Set boundaries: say Yes, No & Ha!

  • To be in the Here and Now!

  • Want to continue doing conscious anger work

  • Doing a Rage Club Online requires special attention to not disturb the neighbors. We will show you how to do this and still play full out!


Conscious and according to your abundance: Sliding-Scale for all 4 sessions from 120 - 240 (reference: €180)

For more information please contact Joana Cruz or Marco de Abreu.


> Fear Club
Next edition: TBA

Last Edition: 25 Jul // 4 // 11 Ago, 2021 * 12h30 - 14h30 * Online (integrated in ETB-EE.2021)
Last Edition: 25 Feb // 4 // 11 // 18 Mar, 2021 * 13h - 15h30 * Online

Participating in a FEAR CLUB in series is a commitment to be a team and to explore together the infinite facets of fear during these 4 weeks. Fear is one of the least explored feelings by humans. Nowadays, other capacities that fear brings us are already known.

It is part of our human design to use the potential of our feelings and to express them completely! We have been blocked and emotionally repressed by our culture, to the point that we are afraid to feel, here is the opportunity to overcome this old way of thinking and feeling fear!

Let's dive into the territory of fear together:

  • we will experience fear in the New Map of Feelings as a source of energy and useful and productive information

  • cure emotional fears from outside authorities

  • use fear as a resuscitation power for our bodies

  • cure old fears of being seen, of being different and to really create the world you want to live in

  • consciously navigate the experience of fear so that our personal and professional life becomes Ok with the unexpected and the unknown

  • use fear as a power of creation


Conscious and according to your abundance: Sliding-Scale for all 4 sessions from 120 - 240 (reference: €180).

For more information please contact Joana Cruz or Marco de Abreu.


> Sadness Club
Next edition:

Last edition: 24 Out // 3 // 10 Nov, 2022 * 12h30 - 14h30 * Online (integrated in ETB-EE.2021)


> Joy Club
Next edition:
Next edition:
8 // 15 // 22 // 29 DEZ, 2022 * 13h - 15h30 * Online (integrated in ETB-EE.2022)


> UnMix Feelings Club
Next edition: TBA

Last Edition: 15 // 22 Fev // 4 // 8 Mar * online 13h às 15h30 (no dia 4.Mar das 14h às 16h30)
Last edition: 9 // 16 // 23 // 30 Sept, 2021 * online 13h às 15h30
Last edition: 21 // 28 Jan // 4 // 11 Feb, 2021 * online 13h às 15h30

Unmix Emotions or Untangling Emotions is the next step for emotional clarity and functionality.

The four primary emotions – mad, sad, glad, and scared – are useful for healing when experienced in their pure form.

Mixing emotions is not bad or wrong; it simply creates certain disempowering results, such as superiority, lack of self-esteem, confusion, or depression.

Modern culture does not want its citizens empowered to think and feel independently or it would provide an entirely different educational system.

Next culture requires clear emotions from you. Your first steps into next culture may well be through unmixing your emotions.


Conscious and according to your abundance: Sliding-Scale for all 4 sessions from 120 - 240 (reference: €180).

For more information please contact Joana Cruz or Marco de Abreu.


> Gremlin Club
Next edition: TBA (1st 2022)
Last Edition: 29 Abr // 6 // 13 // 27 Mai, 2021 * 13h - 15h30 * Online

Is a 4 week research about the most creative resource you have as part of yourself! Gremlin is also the part that likes the unconscious, the uncontrollable, the shadow of your life and has the joy of sabotaging your life!

Did you ever wonder to become a Gremlin Hunter?

We humans we all have parts! Being, box, Victim, Doer, Gremlin. Possibly some more.

About the Gremlin - This part of you is the one that avoids responsibility and at the same time is also the major creative life force you can have.

Owning your Gremlin instead of him owning you is key for something else being possible for you right now.

Whatever part of your Gremlin you don't own, owns you. No one can own your Gremlin for you. More interestingly. No one can stop you from owning your Gremlin.

GREMLIN CLUB is a 4 week ongoing process, in a group, dedicated to Gremlin Research. This is a fun and life changing research to do!


Conscious and according to your abundance: Sliding-Scale for all 4 sessions from 120 - 240 (Reference: €180).

For more information please contact Joana Cruz or Marco de Abreu.


> Expand the Box * Extended Edition
Next edition: TBA
Last edition: 2021

It is a transformation and expansion training of the personal and collective context, carried out in groups, with an 6 month program, based on Possibility Management, that tries to answer the question:

How to navigate spaces of personal and cultural healing and evolution?

When you take this step you start expanding your box, with each distinction, with each question, with each decision.


5 weekend sessions, residential, for one year - entry on Friday until 7pm and departure on Sunday at 5pm
2 Feelings Clubs
Weekly Possibility Teams


Quinta dos 4 Nomes


If restrictions are imposed in the context of the situation of COVID-19, the program will be Online, with no room and accommodation charges.

This training provides a certificate that allows access to the official Possibility Management programming, namely to the Possibility LAB format, as well as:

● Residential, On-site and Continuous between sessions

● It takes a Village to train a Human Being - Create your village

● + 125h of training in experiential reality with 50+ experiments and +50 maps

● In connection with nature and careful nutrition, 100% vegetable

● Caring for the Physical Body - Movement, Food, Hydration, Rest

● Initiations, Clarity and Emotional Expression

● Distinctions, Tools and Initiations

● Living by the Bright Principles and in Radical Responsibility

● Possibility Coaching integrated in the training - each participant is given the possibility of having one session, with Joana Cruz and Marco de Abreu

For more information please read the information in the link or contact us.


> Build Up Your Matrix
Next Edition: TBA
Last Edition: 5 weekends starting in the weekend 12, 13, 14 NOV, 2021 (NOV 2021 to APR 2022)

Build Up Your Matrix is a training for people that did the Expand the Box and want to continue to practice and explore Possibility Management distinctions in every day life, in a team and during a long period of time.

It's a 5 module training, and 2 clubs (Sadness and Joy - See in Clubs) and so many more:


  • Module 2 - 28, 29, 30 January // ARCHETYPAL MAN & WOMAN

  • Module 3 - 25, 26, 27 February // ARCHETYPAL RELATIONSHIPS

  • Module 4 - 25, 26, 27 March // ARCHETYPAL LINEAGES

  • Module 5 - 22, 23, 24 April // CULTURAL EDGEWORKING


5 weekend sessions, residential, for 6 months - entry on Friday until 7pm and departure on Sunday at 5pm


Lisbon Area (TBA)


If restrictions are imposed in the context of the situation of COVID-19, the program will be Online, with no room and accommodation charges.

For more information please contact Joana Cruz or Marco de Abreu.


> Expand the Box (4 days)
Next Edition: 1, 2, 3, 4 DEC, 2022 * Solar Quinta do Pouchão, Abrantes

Last Edition: 26, 27, 28, 29 MAI, 2022 * Terra Raiz, Alcobaça

Last Edition: 9, 10, 11, 12 DEC, 2021 * Quinta Carvalhas, Santarém

Expand The Box is the core training for Possibility Management: a safe and astonishing learning environment for upgrading traditional thinking and behaviors.

You will access new possibilities, new perspectives, and new skills for creating a life full of vividness and authenticity.

Without your knowing how, the standard thinking and behavior patterns you adopted from your parents, your culture, and your education system could severely limit both the quality of your relationships and your ability to respond creatively to the opportunities and challenges of life.

In Expand the Box you will explore new thoughtmaps and practice new forms of experiencing. You will train individually, in pairs, in small groups and as a whole group to enter new territory and discover hidden fields of human possibility.

We will create the safest of conditions, where you can make maximum mistakes with only positive consequences.

You will get possibilities to:

  • Unfold your potential

  • Consciously apply the energy of anger, sadness, fear and joy for reaching your goals

  • Ignite your vision with unquenchable inspiration and take your next steps with courage

  • Be centered, present and effective even in rapidly changing or chaotic environments

  • Shift what is happening right now into an extraordinary learning journey for yourself and the people in your environment

  • Establish authentic contact with fellow human beings, communicating with clarity and passion

  • Dismantle the buttons that can be pushed in you, for staying in the present

For more information please contact Joana Cruz or Marco de Abreu.


>> Contacts and Logistic

Joana Cruz (joanadebritocruz@gmail.com)
Joana Matias (matias.joana@gmail.com)
Marco de Abreu (marco@marcodeabreu.com)

English with translations to Portuguese or Spanish (it we are all Portuguese speakers we will speak Portuguese)
If all participants speak Portuguese we choose to speak in Portuguese.

The Payment confirms your application!

Joana Cruz | MBWAY: 919759516 | IBAN: PT 50 0018 0003 1741 2701 0205 3

Marco de Abreu | MBWAY: 932507571 | IBAN: PT 50 0035 0023 00006441630 07

Send payment confirmation to private message, telegram or to our emails.

We have a fund for supporting people that have a YES for our programs/ trainings. If you have a YES for Possibility Management and for our programs please don't stop because of logistics and money. Ask for possibilities. You can also donate for the fund to support others.

The COVID situation could create conditions for postpone or change to online. For Online format we use the digital platform ZOOM.