Marco de Abreu

evolutionary mentor, facilitator and entrepreneur

Born in the city of Funchal in the green and mountain Portuguese Island I was offered the opportunity to grow in a magical place, with natural environment all over and the powerful Atlantic Ocean in the horizon. I'm the first child of a large family, first son, first grandson. One of my grandpa was farmer; the other police. The fascist regime time, the April 74 revolution, the islander mindset, the family context and deeply shaped my inner world, as well, the move to Palmela, a small village near Lisbon ate 15 years old, with the ocean in horizon and in the middle of farmland.

I was born in 1971 in the Chinese year of the pig. in 9 Ki start i'm 288 (triple soil). In the enneagram i'm a diplomate (enotype 9), an energy of suporto to the 'new'. I practice meditation since 2012, i follow a vegan diet and for now I am living near the nature, near Lisbon with my wife and 3 children.

My professional journey goes along software engineering, internet consultancy, management, strategy, facilitation and entrepreneurship.

I am passionate about view the all picture, putting in context, giving the system view, networking, learning and design for learning, helping each person discover their beauty, their gifts, 'fulfill them selfs' as Agostinho da Silva says.

Since 2005 I started a journey that made me committed to causes as sustainability, organizational transformation, social innovation, evolutionary entrepreneurship, grass-roots initiatives, community activation, cultural design and many, many others.

For now and since 2011, I serve in João Sem Medo (John Fearless) a community of evolutionary entrepreneurship (NGO), that i initiated, helping people to find a way to act in the World from their heart.

Evolutionary Facilitator

I do use a whole range of tools. All of them appeal to integral and evolutionary purpose, exploring and building on the individual and collective capacity mind-heart-will.

I do design processes for individuals and organizations.

Evolutionary Mentor

As mentor, I have been collaborating with people and organizations. Focused in manifesting all the potential and helping then run the way. Participatory Leadership, Human Development and Entrepreneurship as a Method has been the main focus in the last years.

Evolutionary Entrepreneur

I am an entrepreneur for more than 20 years. When i saw my self as a rationalist it born Safira ( When i saw my self as a post-modernist it born darwin. As an integral, it born João Sem Medo, ('teal organization'). Let's see what follows..."